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Ok I've read my VW speci manual that comes with the car- no where is listed what the oil changeover capacity is.

So if I want to do my own oil change in the V6 how many litres of actual oil do I need including changeover of the filter?

Is anyone doing their own oil changes in the V6 yet and knows the replacement litres?


  • Nick_SNick_S Junior Member
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    8 litres including filter, from what I can find online.
  • DingorokDingorok Senior Member
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    I just did one at 10k km and was the same couldn't find any info. I put 7l in first then checked. Then added 500ml. Was half way up dipstick. Ended up at 8l. Ryco don't do a filter yet either so had to get one from stealership for ready, $40. Probably could get it cheaper on internet but I wanted straight away. I used penrite enviro 5W-40 also

    The painful thing is the skid plate rails get in the way of draining oil. I fashioned a water bottle funnel that wedged into my drain pan. After fitting front recovery point from net4x4 I didn't want to take the skid plate back off as it is a PITA
  • bruceeebruceee Junior Member
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    Best get a Fumoto drain plug. I got a F106SX which has an M14 x 1.5 thread. They come with a nylon nipple that you attach a pvc hose to.
    Local dealer is up near foot of Blue Mountans. Best to check your sump plug thread as mine was for a 2litre , maybe someone knows the thread size for a V6.
    Regards Bruce
  • MikeV6MikeV6 Junior Member
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    I've been in touch with Fumoto who have directed me to there website for the following:-

    ' EZ Oil Drain Valve. See www.ezoil.com.au for more info. They are the same exceptional quality and reliability as the Fumoto and a few features that could be seen as an upgrade such as removable hose ends and rubber o-ring instead of fibre washer. The killer feature is that you can remove the hose ends where as the Fumoto it's fixed. That means if clearance is an issue, you can leave the hose end off until you go to drain and just put it on hand tight. Remove when done. This will make no difference if you have a bash plate or guard. Equivalent EZ is EZ-106 and L-001 90 degree hose end.'

    The V6 Oil sump plug measurements are M14 X 1.5.
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