V6 Engine Noise

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I've had my V6 for nearly 12 months now, 10,500km's on the clock.

I've noticed that the engine has got significantly louder, especially when cold. Started at around 5,000km's.

One of the reasons I didn't by a Ranger apart from the power issue, was that I did not want a diesel death rattle.
Has anyone with a V6 noticed the same?

According to VW, the engine will quieten down again at next service as they state that the run in oil is thinner and as it looses further viscosity this is contributing further to the noise. Next oil is thicker.
Anyone noticed similar situation with their own car, and after the first service did the engine quieten down again?

Cheers, Mike from Coffs.


  • HI

    My V6 has 44k on and developed a loud knocking sound, at 1100rpm can be heard very easy, on first visit to workshop vw EPPING for tapping noise they have acknowledged it is there but required a second visit with more time to find were it is coming from as no fault codes.

    I t has now been in for 4 days and I have heard nothing apart from a phone call to ask for more time...

    Hopefully they will not say its old oil and fob me off..


    ' Melbourne

  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member

    I recently had my 15,000km service on my 18 V6 Rok.

    i have now noticed that after I drive for a little while and the engine is warm, if I turn off and come back and start after 5 or 10 minutes I get what ‘sounds’ like tappet noise for a few minutes.

    anyone else experience this

    ive never had this noise. Will be heading into VW to see what they say when I get some spare time.

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