DIY Tailgate storage conversion

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Not sure if anyone has tried this before but I think I may just post this in case someone is interested.

Retrieving recovery gears from rear drawer can be dangerous when you vehicle is bog and hanging in the middle of a steep slope. This is an easy and cheap way if you want extra space and easy access to the gears.

Materials: some leftover plywood from my drawer project, button/pan head screws, rivets, toolbox seal, paddle latch, couple of door hinges, couple of steel brackets, carpet or rubber mat, silicone

Firstly mark the cut out. The most important thing is to leave enough space for the hinges at the bottom, also need to count the thickness of the plywood and rubber seal insert. I would suggest always leave a bit more spare space coz if its cut it will be too late. A grinder with steel cutting disc will do the job enough.

After cutting always smooth out the edge and spray some rust proof paint.

Measures and drill the screw holes for the surrounding sides . Need to leave enough space for the rubber seal.

The exterior panel has some curve so I just measured the least height and cut the plywood straight. There was only few mm of difference so not a big deal with the gaps. Use brackets to hold each side together. You can decide whatever partition you want but I would suggest to put at least one in the middle for added strength.

Mark out the hinges and the cover. I used rivets to secure the hinges on the tailgate. After installing the cover mark out and install the paddle latch. Put the rubber seal on before the latch, the seal has the thickness you need for the latch.

I use silicone to seal all the gaps at the bottom of the sides n partitions, also in between the sides to make sure there is absolutely no gap all round. This will also add strength to the sides as you only screw on the top. If you want to paint the inside remember paint it before silicone.

Put the mats in and you are all done. Cost less than $100 plus half of the day.

Pros: easy access to your gears. Perfect size for the straps etc.

Cons : you can't put too heavy items in it or the tailgate will be too heavy to open/close. Also the panels may not hold. I reckon couple of shackles would be the maximum. 4afafdd8ef31b6ff4df901190877b68d.jpg19a77ce07bd564c09d2d2d2733f42259.jpgba8b668d55ddb436c7bae49e38a23695.jpg19e73b50185a8fe79222de85f989b5ff.jpgd2af6a281ab25a4da0ef54635f6ecf37.jpg515d80251524fec4059dff7650c2eeac.jpg00dbfbea4b2b9021abe89f21981ed5d0.jpg6d07bbc08d15e2d9d0948b012a970091.jpg

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