V6 Oil change & sump plug & foil filter

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Has anyone undertaken a DIY oil & filter in their V6 yet? Is their any Youtube film that shows how?

The reason I ask is that it is not clear in some of the forum posts whether the 90 degree sump plug etc applies to the V6 or 2L model - I'm coming up to my first 15,000km service, and at same time I want to get an easy access sump plug installed (if its required for the V6?), so that from thereon I can takeover the oil changes.

Can someone please clarify, and advise or direct me to the post regarding the correct ezy access sump plug for future easy access for oil change in a V6 - also I having trouble finding any detail on the V6 oil filter change.

I do all the oil and filter changes in my wife's MkV GTI , consequently am not add odds in undertaking the oil change in my ROK.




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    Fumoto oil drain plug is what you require & a 32mm socket to remove oil filter housing
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    OK I've been in contact with Fumoto who have advised that:-

    'Attached is a picture of an F106SX on an Amarok. Does your sump look like it? (Picture not attached here is of a very square sump with plug at bottom on side - is this a 2L Rok - as the pic does not seem to correlate with the V6 block)

    This is a forum thread on it, but the website currently gives a warning, so you may not want to visit it. http://www.ausamarok.com.au/forum/showthread.php/10461-EZ-Oil-Change-Valve-Easy-way-to-change-engine-oils '

    Once again I sense that the feedback and links etc all lead back to the %$#@! 2L sump plug info.

    I've crawled under the V6 and can't even find the sump plug amongst all the mechanics (or the oil filter). - after scorching my arm on the cat - I know serves me right!
    I've been on the net and can't locate one single photo of the underside of a V6 or details on changing oil (apart from sucking it out through the dipstick hole!) How frustrating in that can't source this base info on the V6 despite being out for quite a while now.

    Looks like I need to call in at the VW dealership and buy a new sump plug so that I can get the measurements and ask to loiter around the workshop while a V6 is on the hoist to see where the relevant mechanics are.

    Has anyone changed the oil in the V6 yet and are there any picks of where the plug and filter are located?

    Life used to be easy working on cars......now I can't even find a sump plug or oil filter! At least I know where the steering wheel is.....aaaargghhhh!
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    The oil filter is close enough to bite you if it was a wild dog.[emoji16] Directly in front of you once you remove the engine cover. 32mm socket fits.
    I'm guessing the sump plug is the indescriminate little plug on the lowest part of the sump. 6mm hex key. Don't take my word for it though. I've not done an oil change on it. 6a76b58c3538857efa4eea303c6c3b3b.jpg
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    Thanks for pointing out the bleeding obvious on the oil filter!
    Hadn't even thought of taking off the engine cover and most unusual place for an oil filter - all the cars I've ever owned have had them underneath.....

    And yes you are correct, the sump plug is the screw in bit with the hex key fitment, under the sump bash cover towards the front end which needs to be removed.
    I went to the local VW service and asked to be shown where it was and then onto spare parts for the measurement - its an M14 X 1.5... now back to Fumo....
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