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For the last month or so I have been getting on a weekly and sometimes more regular basis the low oil warning light come on. I take out the dipstick and there is plenty, if not too much, oil. Put the dipstick back and the light goes off until the next instance of it coming on. Is the correct position for the dipstick to be fully home in the tube, i.e. locked in, when taking a reading?
Does this point to a sensor problem or is there some other possible cause?
I have just clicked over 100,000km, 2013 model.
I also have an on-going DPF issue that I separately posted on. From my understanding with the type of driving I do I should not be seeing the DPF light come on. Last time was only 800km between instances with 400km of that being highway travel. One opinion expressed to me is to delete the DPF.


  • deanp100deanp100 Member
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    You get a warning light when it is over full as well.
  • WyteWolfWyteWolf Junior Member

    I have the same problem on 2013 Highline. It happens after long drives. Amber oil light comes on, I get worried, pull over, allow car to cool, check oil... oil level is fine. Sometimes it switches off after a couple of restarts or when it has cooled... putting it in for service this week, will see what mechanic says

  • Maverickx3Maverickx3 Junior Member

    I had the same problem. its an overfill problem, we vacuumed some oil out and havent had the problem since. unlike other cars that dont care if theyre overfull, these get a bit nervous.

  • ForbieForbie Senior Member

    Do not overfill the sump.

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