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Today was the day we tackled the drivetrain oil changes.
We started at the rear diff and ran in to our first hurdle, no drain plug!
Funny thing is the housing castings look like they are setup for a drain plug, but not on this car.
After ascertaining the fill plug was removable we removed the rear diff cover to drain the oil.
As the gasket was still in good nick a smear of red gasket was all that was needed to reseal the diff and the bolts had their threads cleaned and re loctited.
2.5 litres of VW diff oil.
In NZ it looks like 2014 Auto Highlines have open diffs as standard so for locker I dont know the amount of fluid needed.
Scoot up to the front and drop the bash plate.
Engine first as it was 10000kms since the last oil and filter and we fitted the Futaba drain valve so next change will nice and clean.
7 litres of Penrite
Next up was the transferbox.
Easy Peasy with everything accessible and quick to undo.
0.8 litres of TF0870 oil
Last but by no means least it was the front diffs turn to have its fluid changed.
Everyone is right getting to the fill plug is a sod of a job but by no means impossible.
To get this out we cut a piece of 8mm allen key to about 12mm length.
Using long nose pliers we got this into the fill plug and then using an open 8mm spanner we wound the plug out.
Then wipped out the drain plug and drained the old oil followed by putting the plug back in.
We use a Groz clear tube suction gun for oil changes in diffs and gearboxes.
But we had to bend up a short piece of fuel line and clamp it in the plastic tube on the gun so we could poke it into the fill hole.
Front diff takes approx 0.8 litres of VW diff oil.
We stuck the 8mm allen key bit into the hole on the fill plug using insulation tape as a packer so it wont be falling out any time soon.
Fitting the fill plug was a bit of a bugger but using long nose pliers we managed to get it in place and with a strategically placed finger we started it into the thread.
Then out with the 8mm spanner and tighten it up.
I did try using one of my Bahco ratchet spanners but it was too wide.
Spray it all down with a degreaser and refit the bash plate.
Job done.
It took far to long but hopefully next time with the knowledge we have and the few tweaks we made it will be a lot quicker and easier.
We bought 4 litres of diff oil from VW at a ridiculous price and was then told they couldnt sell me any transferbox oil as VW NZ is no longer bringing in certain items and the oil was one of them, according to parts guy. So we bought 3 litres of TF0870 first from Poland on Ebay but the seller cancelled the deal so it was a hunt around the internet to find it is the same oil used in Land Rover products so we bought 3 litres in from the UK.
Hopefully we will be able to find a suitable diff oil that is not from VW in the future.



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    Nice write up! How did the old fluids look?
  • ahebronahebron Junior Member
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    Cyclops wrote: »
    Nice write up! How did the old fluids look?

    Thanks for that.
    I forgot to mention this was a service at 105000kms. I get engine oil and filter done every 10000km.
    Rear diff which I assume due to lack of a drain is 'sealed for life' was blackish so had probably never been changed.
    Transfer box wasnt that much better and by the look of the threads on fill and drain plugs had also never been changed.
    Front diff oil was like new which I would expect as front diff does bugger all work in normal use and it too looked like it had never been changed.

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    Do you have the oil spec/grade and quantity needed for front/rear differentiel and the transmittion.

    Thank you for the write up.

  • ahebronahebron Junior Member

    Hi all I have is what is in the original write up.

    NZ doesnt have locking rear diffs in our Amaroks😥 so that might make a difference to your spec.


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