dodgy dpf/egr fix

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so i had a issue where the dpf would regenerate every 60-120km even at hwy speeds!
got the IT'S NORMAL from vw.

so after watching the VAG DPF app while driving i noticed a few things. most of the time it was telling me over 100mg per km of soot was going into the filter and often reading 300+ per km!!

now if the outside temp was over +35c the egr would stay closed more often then the soot loading would slow down where i could get 200km or more between regenerations.

I fitted a blanking plate and after a few hundred km power increased but it was still regenerate way too often. calculated soot loading was moving fast but soot measured would stay low.

anyway i decided to bypass the temp sensor on the front bumper to make the outside temp read 40 deg and now im getting high 300 to 500km between regenerations!
mind you the gear shifts. engine note/power and heater are not the same but fuel economy has really improved. no fault codes even with the EGR blanked off

dodgy I know but in the short term its saving me money


  • john79john79 Junior Member
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    iv reached a tad over 100,000km now
    Over winter i changed the outside temp to -10 and now i get 600km before regen.
    EGR cooler is still blanked off for safety.
    Engine check light remains off. EGR stays closed at idle and on throttle but opens when you lift off until rpm returns to idle.
    I'm guessing 600km is the maximum because it never reads above 60% soot load then jump to 100% at 600km

    once i save up enough for a tune and DPF EGR delete ill reconnect the outside temperature sensor .
    but i need to do the 105,k timing belt change 1st
  • Jeff.jJeff.j Junior Member

    With changing the temp lower did the power restore and heater operations

  • john79john79 Junior Member

    iv left it at 57 deg otherwise its commanding the EGR too much.

    yes the heater has no heat until 2 clicks away from max but iv gotten used to it.

    everytime iv had money to get it tuned something pops up with work or other bills

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