Sydney ECU Tune day

CyclopsCyclops Senior Member
edited May 2018 in NSW
Hey guys,
Josh from #J-Tech Automotive Enhancements is coming up to Sydney to tune mine and a few other cars in a few weeks and I’ve managed to secure some group pricing for anyone else who wants any work.
As you may know Josh specialises in Custom ECU Remaps (not generic Swedish or Russian tunes like many others) and all his work carries a 2 year unlimited kilometre warranty.
Getting your 4 Cyl Amarok tuned will cost you $990 and V6 Amarok’s $1100.
EGR is turned off with it, and for those with “later model” 4 Cyl Amarok’s (late 2012+) EGR Cooler Delete (Bypass) kits are also available.
Let me know if you want to jump on the group buy (or even mates with other brand utes) want to get on board.


  • Johnny99Johnny99 Senior Member
    edited May 2018
    [MENTION=7653]Cyclops[/MENTION] I'm interested. I assume this is a "Stage 1" type tune. Any idea of what Power and Torque figures we'd expect after this tune. I'm looking at low and mid range boost for towing boat and caravan coupled with increased economy. Not after massive go-fast Power for drag racing. cheers
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