Drivers seat moving over bumps and speed humps

zappazappa Member
2016 amarok core 4 cyl.

The drivers seat moves like a clunk movement without the clunk if you know what I mean when I go over sharp speed humps and bumps. Must be movment of the vertial plane.. ie up\down.

Reported this at my first service but was told this is normal and usual for the amarok.

Is this correct ? It's bloody annoying. Its coming to its second service and Im going to report it again. If i get the same bump off , Im tempted to take it to another VW dealer.


  • MikhailtMikhailt Supporting Member
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    Go to another dealer. I am on my second Amarok and my seat has never moved on its own in either of them. My current one is MY16 Core as well.
  • zappazappa Member
    edited April 2018
    I may have described it worse than it actually is. It moves by about a few millimeters and only on acute bumps. It may be getting worse actually so its annoying.
    I might ring them up tomorrow and insist they take another look at it OR mention that i'll take it elsewhere. cheers
  • Did you have any luck with your seat ??

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