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Hey guys!

Sorry for the late Xmas! But you’ll be happy to know, all is tested and QC done on the traction control delete modules!

Everything is plug and play,

Takes 5 min to install (some dash panels need to be removed and refitted)

And you can turn off all VSC and TRACTION CONTROL at the touch of a button!


—ROHC compliant parts
—No need to buy additional parts
—Easy to use
—5 min install (say its easy compared to a radio install on the Amarok)
—Cheap on pre-sale group buy here and at NET4x4 and other outlets
—Free install when picked up from Net4x4 (parkdale) or Crispmods (Frankston)
—resets to normal if switch condition is off and vehicle is restarted
—Great in emergencies where VSC is preventing vehicle movement
—Can be installed without additional tools but trim removal kit does speed things up
— Delivery times to be announced (within 6 weeks of this post)

How to purchase:
— Send me or net4x4 a pm with: name, address (if for delivery)
— price is $76 installed or $88 with delivery in Australia (retail is $129)

Designed for use in the sand or where full wheel spin is needed. Not for gazetted street use

Not available or possible legally on 2ltr Amarok! (Requires splicing of wires to abs module to work!)

This is pre-sale release, some modifications maybe made to future modules based on feedback. All works and is well designed/made.

Want to become a reseller? Please send me a pm. Min order is 50 units. Max discount at 100 units.





For off street use only. No consequential warranty is included for parts designed for race use like this.

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    Has anyone fitted this to an ultimate or dark label. I had a bit of a look the other day and as both those models have heated seats the heater buttons are in that spot. I think it requires cutting the blanking switch plate up and moving it lower as the switch plate is one piece. The button also seems to be a slightly different colour.
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