V6 Recall ?

iainmaciainmac Member
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Hey guys,

Got the V6 about 3/4 months ago, had a slight fault in that the trim of the drivers door had warped slightly and needed to be changed.

This was done last thursday, took longer than expected and when i picked up the rok they said there was also a software update done on the steering and that they would email me with more information (they have not done so yet).

However it seems to be more than just steering, the vehicle is certainly more aggressive with acceleration, particularly in s3/s4/s5 and feels like i would expect it to after a tune (although i'm still thinking about the tune lol).

Also there has been a sticker now in the doorframe of drivers door that speaks of a "recall code 4801" which is certainly not what it was presented to me as. perhaps the recall sticker is just a standard one they have so they just used that but it certainly feels like a substantial change (for the better), will be contacting them next week to get this info they spoke of.

anyone else heard about a recall? pic attached

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