EZ Oil Change Valve. Easy way to change engine oils!

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Hi guys,

Sorry I've been offline for ages, just got my passwords reset etc etc.

I've found a new product that I'm going to try out and i think it'll be damn handy for us amarok owners!

Found a valve that replaces the sump plug and had a hose connection for easy and clean oul changes, no more oil stream hitting the sump guards and going in 10 different directions!

Have a look at this website and then the Aus supplier.



I spoke to Jack from Fumoto Australia and he recommends the F106SX as quoted below.

" We have a new type called SX series which is designed for recessed sumps like on your Amarok. More info here http://fumotousa.com/sx-series-valves.php

You can purchase from our buy page, but there is no info on our website yet. https://www.fumoto.com.au/secure/buy.php


You will need F106SX. They come with a locking clip and plastic attachment for a hose and are $49 plus $9 delivery. "


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