Wagga - Sydney Return, Sep 2016

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I will be making a day trip from Wagga to Sydney sometime in the next two or so weeks to take some loan equipment from my business back to a supplier, I will be going to Huntingwood and also Northmead in Sydney.

On my return trip I will be empty at this stage and can fit a fair bit into my VW Crafter if anybody has anything that needs to be brought down, trip up I will be pretty full but on the way back a lot more room.

Dont have exact day yet but it will be a day trip (up and back) so if anybody needs anything feel free to let me know and I'll see if I can help.


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    Going again this Thursday 20th - Huntingwood, Silverwater and possibly Northmead but not confirmed yet.

    Empty on the way up but full on the way back, will be able to fit some stuff in though.
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    I will be making this trip again next Thursday 12th Jan and will be going to Northmead and Girraween to pickup stock. I will have an empty van on the way up and have limited room on the way back, but can possibly bring items back to my business in Wagga if it helps anybody.
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