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Any one run an additive in their engine oil? Is it Ok to? VW view of using an additive?



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    DPF will answer your question.
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    Jcadd, love to know why you would want to run an oil additive? These might have been some benefit 20 yrs ago, but, in my opinion, totally irrelevant with the oil available today.
    Modern lubricants are very advanced and a huge amount of smarts go into the development and testing of them. I have been in the heavy equipment maintenance field for about 25 years and I can't recall ever seeing a component fail due to poor quality lubricant. I have seen plenty fail due to lack of lubricant, and the occasional life reduction or part damage from incorrect lubricant, but never poor quality.
    I always sample my oil when I change it and the results are always in spec.
    Choose a good engine oil (I run Shell by the way), change as recommended and you'll be fine mate.

    Steer clear of the "snake oil" additives.


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    Agreed in this class of vehicle. Not really a need for additives.
    I've always run Castrol semi or full synthetics in any of my vehicles. None of the naturally aspirated engines ever used a drop of oil. Some of the turbocharged engines have used oil, some not.

    Although there's abit to be said in the area of heavier machinery.
    We always used Morey's additive in our farm machinery. Had tractors for tens of years and never had to pull one down for rebuild.
    My uncle runs a transport business, also uses Morey's in his Kenworth fleet which are running Caterpillar engines. He is doing a couple hundred thousand km's more than what most other Cat engines are getting before rebuild. Confirmed by the outfit who are doing the rebuilds. The only thing they can put it down to is the Morey's.
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