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Hey guys I live in Victoria and am wanting to take the misses away for a week in sa possibly. Just curious, is there anywhere along the beach to camp and bring the pooch along too? Any advice and or suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks!


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    How far out of Adelaide do you want to get?
    Salt Creek is a good bet, bit rough and remote though (more fishing) and not sure about dogs...? Think they are ok South of the park area.
    Yorke Peninsula has some good spots (better down the bottom). Try just north of the national park around Daly Heads
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    Hi [MENTION=4860]Karlbot[/MENTION],

    42 Mile Crossing is a good option, its got a camp ground at the base of the sand hill that takes you up and over to the beach. Alternatively you can camp along the beach in the roped off camp spots, but please do the right thing and stay out of the sand dunes, just because people tear through the sand dunes in their truck's doesn't make it right.......

    Wrights Bay Camp Ground is a good option, right on the beach and a good spot to base yourself for trips to Robe etc.

    Maybe start at Canunda, and hit the beach to Southend, Beachport, Robe etc. Its a good trip!

    Keep us posted on your trip!!!


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    Thanks fellas!! [MENTION=2896]TPSSA[/MENTION] are there restrictions for having a dog with you at any of these spots?
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    I'm not too sure....... Have never travelled with a 4 legged friend. Perhaps call SA National Parks and see?

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    All good mate. I'd say it would be a no go considering it's a national park. I'm from qld originally and we used to see dogs at Inskip all the time but they weren't allowed on Fraser or double island so surely the same applied everywhere. I'll call for sure though cheers pal [MENTION=2896]TPSSA[/MENTION]
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    A great thing about SA is that you are allowed to drive on about 90% of beaches. You could hit the beach around the vic/sa border, and travel most of the coast until you reach the murray mouth, if you had more than a week that is.
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